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  • Höfner Shorty Bass with Bartolini Pickups

    Höfner Shorty Bass with Bartolini Pickups

    I changed the pickup with Bartolini Humbucker Musicman Style, And trcustompaints paint it to chamelon pink/purple color. This is a great short scale bass, It sounds great with DR Neon Strings I recorded with Avid Fasttrack Duo & Logic Pro X Edited the video with Final Cut Pro X You can watch the other video with the original pickups About Shorty: The Shorty bass offers 76cm (30″) scale length (the same as the Violin and Club basses) combined with such small overall dimensions that it can be taken anywhere. It will fit in the overhead locker of most aircraft for example. It is also perfect for noodling, when lounging on your couch, with the Shorty bass. Thanks for Watching İzlediğiniz için teşekkürler. Yorum Kısmında istediğiniz soruyu sorabilirsiniz ****** My Patreon Link: Benefits: PDF Book for my exercise videos Early access Voting power Livestream Name in credits Patreon’dan bana destek olursanız: Egzersiz videolarındaki PDF Gitar bas Metodları Videolara Erken erişim, Oylamalara katılım, Özel Canlı videolar ****** Bas ve Gitar Tişörtü İster misiniz? You can support my Channel Just Buy a Tee Skype, Özel Ders veya Satın Alımlar için Instagram’dan yazabilirsiniz. Insta: You can ask me anything on Instagram or you can leave a Comment Racsen Music – Gitar & Bas Aksesuar ve Müzik Hediyelik **** Please Dont Forget To Subscribe: Abone Olun: #bass #guitar #basslove