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  • TC Electronic Vintage Distortion Guitar Pedal Demo

    TC Electronic Vintage Distortion Guitar Pedal Demo

    Mini Marshall MG15CDR Amp, Fender Strat With Fishman Pickups, Sm57 🙂 Thanks for Watching İzlediğiniz için teşekkürler. Insta: **** Please Dont Forget To Subscribe: Abone Olun: Gitar ve Bas Demoları için Racsen Guitar Shop Kanalımı ziyaret edebilirsiniz. For Guitar & Bass Demo videos Subscribe to my RGC Channel All the distortion options you need with a vintage twist. With the Vintage Distortion effect pedal from TC Electronic, you can easily go from jazzy, laid-back sounds to huge, fuzzy, sledge-hammer action that’ll blow the roof off the joint. Bypass the boost function for a sound reminiscent of smoky jazz clubs, or turn it on for classic rock thunder. Controls: Drive Level: Controls the amount of distortion. Color Filter: This tone control adds or subtracts the high-end frequencies of your signal, allowing you to match the driven signal with the bypassed one. Output Level: Controls the overall output level. Boost: Choose between Moderate and High-gain modes to achieve just the sound you’re after. FEATURES Controls: Drive Level, Color Filter, Output Level, Boost Connections: 1/4″ input, 1/4″ output, DC jack Power supply: 9-12V DC (optional) or 9V alkaline battery On/Off LED #distortion #tcelectronic Racsen Music Gitar & Bas Aksesuar ve Müzik Hediyelik